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Q. How do I size a ductless split system for my building?
Q. Can I use my Unionaire ductless system in winter?
Q. Why is my inside evaporator unit flashing an error code?
Q. Is my system wired correctly?
Q. Do I have the proper line set for my system?
Q. How far away can the inside unit be installed from the outside unit?
Q. Do I need to trap my suction and liquid lines?
Q. How much higher can I install the outside unit above the inside unit?
Q. How often do I need to clean my filters?
Q. Does my system come precharged with refrigerant?
Q. Why is my inside evaporator leaking water?
Q. Error Code E1:
Q. Error Code E2:
Q. Error Code E3:
Q. Error Code E4:
Q. Error Code E5:
Q. Do I need a professional HVAC contractor to install my Unionaire system?
Q. Why does my system not blow hot air when I turn on heat mode?
Q. Why does my unit not cool the way it used too?
Q. Why is my unit alway running on low continuously?

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