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FAQ Answer


Error Code E5:


Low refrigerant charge:  this code means that the refrigerant charge within the system is not adequate to run it without frosting the coils.

diagnosis:  the refrigerant charge must be brought to within specified parameters.  Possible causes of a low charge could include the following:

  • The factory charge in Unionaire condensers is enough for the whole system with 13 feet of lineset, but may have been short, see the temperature/pressure chart to charge it within specifications.
  • Leaking, the system may have a leak which must be located with a refigerant detector, or by a sop test, most leaks can be braised up, however, if a component such as a 4 way valve has developed a leak, it will need replacing.
  • Lineset lengthened and/or increased in diameter.  A lineset longer than 13 feet, or larger in diameter than that with which it came will require that additional refrigerant be added.

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